Our Collars are Meant to Last the Test of Time and Still Look Great.


"I received a collar for Christmas and was so impressed with the quality and durability, I have ordered three more for my grand dogs!"

Andy N.  - Durham, N.C. 

"We have had our Black Forest Collar for over three years, and it looks great! The collar has held up very well considering our labradoodle Oscar is rough and tough on EVERYTHING!! Thank you Black Forest Collars for making our boy look amazing! 

Moureen, J - Ontario, CA

Why We Created Black Forest Collars

Dog toys, gone in 20 minutes! = $25.00
Dog food, 40 lbs. gone in three weeks = $40.00 
Dog treats, gone in a half hour = $12.00 
TOTAL COST: $77.00 
A Beautiful Black Forest Collar that makes your dog look amazing and lasts the life of your dog: $59.99 - $82.99

Our goal is to put in your possession a true work of art that is every bit as strong and durable as it is beautiful. After all, our k-9 companions love us unconditionally, make all of our bad days better, and truly deserve the very best. When you own a collar that looks as good as ours, and lasts for years, you realize then you have a collar that is truly very special.

All of our collars are:

  • Made with high quality latigo leather from Napa Valley, California.

  • The leather is reinforced on all layers before being stitched.  

  • We only use the highest quality materials.

  • We use a polyester thread at a #138 weight that is the same thickness used for heavy stitching on sails, awnings, and car upholstery.

  • All metal embellishments are reinforced with a metal on metal epoxy.

  • Tension points are left thick.

  • Upon completion, every leash and collar is applied with a liberal layer of snow-proof weatherproofing oil. 

  • We added an extra D-ring on larger sizes to give more size flexibility.

  • We designed our collars to have a ring in the center of the collar in the back, so when a leash is connected to the collar the most beautiful part of the collar is facing you. 

Did you ever walk into a pet supply store and see a beautiful collar that caught your eye? You pick it up and think wow this is so unique, only to turn it over and see in big letters “MADE IN CHINA”? You further realize that what you thought was leather is a cheap thin piece of some sort of faux leather. The realization then hits you that this “thing” you’re holding is nothing more than a cheap attempt to snow you over on what could be an amazing product. Herein lies the motivation behind us designing and creating Black Forest Collars.

We have had vendors explain to us how we can save money if we just change our leather backing to a thinner cheaper lining, or if we use a cheaper leather. We have been told that there is no need to reinforce backings because they won’t unscrew, that our thread doesn’t need to be as thick and strong. Needless to say, We are not listening, we have done none of that! We have designed the gold standard in collars and we will not cut corners. We know they are superior and want others to have them. Our collars make the perfect long term statement of your love and commitment to your beloved K-9.

"I found Black Forest Collars about three years ago while I was searching online for leather dog collars. I thought the quality looked great and liked that they were a local business which ironically happened to be in the next state over. I ordered a collar for my black lab Tank who fit the name with his large frame and character! Unfortunately we lost him to cancer last January. I called Black Forest Collars and spoke to the owner Danielle, who was very sympathetic. Taking the time to talk to me about our ordeal and discussing collar options for our new rescue Harley. In passing she mentioned putting his collar around his ashes that we keep on our mantle. I now display Tank's collar proudly around his earn. It will always be his collar. We are and will remain loyal customers of Black Forest Collars and to Danielle, as she was so sympathetic towards our loss, and because they have a great product. I will be recommending them to my friends and family going forward." John, F - Lee, MA 

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